For a complete rehabilitation
Professional equipment for healthcare and physiotherapy, suitable for the home and hospital.
Wheelchairs – Sturdy and lightweight frames

Peony, Lily and Violet are just some of the models we offer. After a long development and design process we have created a collection of comfortable and practical wheelchairs, perfect for both a post-hospital period and for longer usage. Our products are made with resistant but light materials (steel and aluminum) to

ensure excellent maneuverability and the frame is foldable to facilitate easy transport. The various versions are equipped with the best accessories and safety systems, such as footrest bands, footrests, push handles, manual brakes and handrims for moving the wheels.

Fisiomed - High quality wheelchairs for rehabilitation and physiotherapy
Fisiomed - High quality wheelchairs for rehabilitation and physiotherapy
Fisiomed - High quality wheelchairs for rehabilitation and physiotherapy
Fisiomed – We make your life easier

Founded in 1986 by a group of healthcare professionals, Fisiomed is a company that manufactures wheelchairs and equipment for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Over the years, the business has had a notable expansion and the team has expanded, welcoming new skills that have contributed to the success of the brand. Today Fisiomed is an established business and our goal for the next few years is to consolidate the position achieved in the market. Our products are characterized by high build quality and an unbeatable quality / price ratio.

Customers appreciate the attention to detail and robustness of our folding wheelchairs and this is a source of gratification for us.

Our philosophy

Since its foundation, the Fisiomed brand has worked hard to achieve one goal, to help people with disabilities or restricted movement to continue to live their life to the fullest and to maintain their independence.

To do this, we invest every day in developing new technologies and innovative materials, aiming to guarantee high quality standards for full customer satisfaction.

Every feature of our products are studied in detail, from the design to the choice of accessories. It needs to be practical and functional for the user.

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